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Market Analysis

Businesses are embracing social media through websites which helps to enhance the reach to their target audience. Only 53% of businesses have a registered website; yet even less are actually using them to reach their customers. A very small amount of businesses use social media sites and tools to promote their businesses. According to Stats Canada, “Social media can be used by businesses as a complementary tool both as a feature of, and as a way to drive traffic to their website”.

Our Solutions

Build a professional fully optimized website or redesign your existing website for complete optimization. Bring more traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Display Advertising. Track your visibility and traffic flow with Natural Search Traffic Reports, Key Words Ranking Reports and Site Usage Reports.

Our Process

Free Business Evaluation Build and Personalize Online Presence Search Engine Marketing: Increase your businesses visibility on search engines. Social Engagement: Practice the fine art of “engaging the crowd” with brand recognition through multiple social media networks. Track, Monitor and Optimize Campaigns: With third party and in house proprietary tools, we keep on top of every aspect of all campaigns. Visibility optimization is one of our core expertises. One-on-One Business Coaching: We walk you through every step of the SEO process to ensure not only your complete understanding, but also the active participation by you and your clients.