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Consumers are accessing the internet through their mobile devices. According to Google, 78% of mobile users prefer apps when using the internet. For small to medium sized businesses apps is a great way to tie in with your customers on a permanent basis. For a business to get involved in the world of apps there are several steps to follow.

Step 1 – The Idea

Once you have decided to get an app for your business, think about where the app will be going and what the customer will be using it for. Where to get ideas? Look in the app store, there are dozens of different directions you can go – simple information, a game, interactive, etc. You can imagine that the more complicated it is, the more it’s going to cost – but also a higher chance at getting a return on investment. Most games are complicated, but can go viral very easily. Simple apps don’t do much, but they are cheap and easy to build.

Step 2 – Functionality Layout

Be as specific as possible when describing what you want the look and feel of the app to be. We recommend that you either invest a lot of your own time to go through the details or sit down with our programming team so we can translate your ideas from Programmer to Civilian and vice versa. This will pay off big time in the end. This step involves going through every single screen and understanding how all parts of the app interact with each other – If you press this button, what happens? You will be amazed how many steps and scenarios there are for even the simplest app. The amount of functionality that needs to be defined and built will also play a part in the cost of your app.

Step 3 – Design

Unlike websites where you can often get someone who can design and code at once, apps usually require a team of people to complete. We bring in the design team once the programming and functionality have been defined – our designers get a full list of what needs to be created. The design can make or break an app. You need a great icon, splash screens, tab icons, and dozens of other assets that need to be tied together.

Step 4 – Release

Once we have the app built, we can help you get the app in the stores (iTunes, Google Play etc.). After it is in the stores you can monitor all the analytics on the backside of it through iTunes Connect – how many downloads, how much $$ you are making, etc. There are lots of different ways to drive revenue with apps, including advertisements inside the app and being able to purchase additional information through the app (in-app purchases). You can see everything happening. We can also monitor your account to maximize your traffic and revenue.

For more information or to get a free app development consultation, contact us today.